Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tournament Update #8 - Steve Prescott

It seems that as each day passes, I continue to get a donation from one of the many artists that I sent emails to. Today was one of those days. Steve Prescott is a huge artist when it comes to Magic. His style is completely different than most of the other artists that are currently being used and I really think that works for him. His kithkin designs are very well known as well as his more famous Daybreak Ranger, Rampaging Baltohs and the more recent Zealous Conscripts. His donations are quite amazing, honestly. First, I received this amazing play mat based on his art for Fauna Shaman:

Fauna Shaman Playmat

I think it came out great. Like the rest of the play mats, I haven't decided what ones will go towards top 8 and what ones will be part of the prize giveaways. But this play mat will be there regardless. Steve Prescott also sent me two playsets of artist proofs. Don't forget to click the pictures to see them bigger! Here is the first one, Canyon Minotaur:

As you can see, all four of the proofs are signed by Steve and when the four are put together on the other side, they have an original drawing of the Canyon Minotaur. The other one will probably be of interest to anyone who loves elves or legendary creatures. The other playset of artist proofs is of Rhys the Exiled:

Both the artist proofs will be available for the prize giveaways so definitely look for that! I hope you enjoyed this update!

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