Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tournament Update #7 - Star City Games and other stuff

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Fourth of July. Happy Birthday, America!

When I began asking for donations from the artists, I felt like I should ask companies that are pretty big in the Magic: the Gathering community. I got a reply from a few of them but this was the first one I actually got something from and I have no idea what the other ones are sending until I write them back later this month. I'll have more information on that probably next month but this post is about what I received from Star City Games. I was very shocked that the president of SCG was willing to send me something and very excited as well. So this is what will be entered into either the prize giveaways of our tournament or part of the prizes given away at the tournament.

Yup, a sealed Elspeth vs Tezzeret duel deck from 2010. The Elspeth foil is very sought after and this will be a very exciting part of the event. I was super excited to get this so I hope that you guys are excited as well. When it comes to the small stuff like this, I haven't really decided if they will be part of the prize giveaways or part of the tournament. When it gets closer to September, I'm probably going to be posting what will be given away as Top Whatever of the tournament as well as what will be at the prize giveaways.

In other news for the event, I finally went and got a good idea of what the setup will look like at the event. The VFW hall is very large and I think that it will be a very good place to have this tournament. If it is going to be nice outside, we will also probably play games and have stuff outside as well. Remember, for anyone over 21 and interested, the VFW will be serving alcohol up in the bar area upstairs. I am sure this will be of interest to many people.

Lastly, I previously said that the tournament would not be accepting credit cards. I have instead decided to use Square for anyone who wants to use a credit card for registration. I would PREFER cash but if credit card is your only way, there will be an option for you. They take 2.75% for every credit card swiped but I will put in my own money for any differences. So, for example, if 20 people paid with a credit card, I would put in $11 to make up for the loss of money to Square. For the prize giveaways, I don't think I will be accepting credit cards but that might change when it gets closer to the event.

I hope you all enjoyed this update. I have tons of more artists sending me stuff so look for all that information soon!

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