Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tournament Update #9 - CardKitty and Adam Paquette

Today was sort of unexpected with donations arriving to my house. And by unexpected, I mean that I knew they were coming but I just didn't know when. And it is always a nice surprise when you get home and there's a nice package from the post office waiting for you.

So this is another two donation update, since it's much nicer to have all of you see everything that will be available as I get them. It'll also make it so I don't have to make dozens of posts.

Up first is CardKitty. For those in the know, CardKitty is huge in the Magic community. For those who don't know, CardKitty is an alterist. He takes regular Magic cards and paints them to all sorts of awesomeness. Full art, no borders, whatever it is that you want. I wrote him and asked for a possible donation and what I got was amazing. This is for all the modern and legacy players out there - a play set of M11 Lightning Bolts. So without further ado, here they are!

In person, they look amazing. Much better than with my iPhone camera. If you ever have wanted cards altered by CardKitty, I highly highly recommend him. Just go to their website and check them out. Don't forget that these will be up for raffle at the tournament! 

The other donation that I received was from Australian native Adam Paquette. He is very new to the Magic: the Gathering world but his art is very familiar, especially with his cards Thunderous Wrath, four lands from Avacyn Restored (Plains, Island, Mountain and Swamp) and more recently from M13 Trading Post. Adam was part of the first batch of artists that I wrote when I started looking for donations from artists, mainly because I love his art on Thunderous Wrath. The colors were amazing and I really wanted something by him to be available at the tournament. What I got was well beyond my realm of expectations. I got four (!!!) playmats. These playmats will be part of the Top 8 winnings. So on top of the one done by Bud Cook that I recently showed, here are another 4. What will the last 3 be? That's something that will be decided later but here is your first look at these amazing playmats.

Just wait til you see them in person. They will blow your mind away. The small details that he put in each one is just absurdly amazing.

Until next time!

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