Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tournament Update #6 - Bud Cook

Well it was totally unexpected that I would be writing two posts today about donations. I didn't think I would be getting another one anytime soon but after I got home, there was a package waiting for me from local Magic: the Gathering artist Bud Cook. His cards are more recent but include favorites Invisible Stalker and Lingering Souls. His donation was a play mat which will be going towards the top 8 players. So there's another bit of news: the top 8 players of my event will all be taking with them an original designed play mat by Magic artists. I'll have more info on that when I get some more but this is your first look at the first one.

The play mat is of his art for Zealous Strike but he did graciously draw an original drawing on the left as well as signed it. I think it looks fantastic and I hope that you all agree as well.

Like I said earlier, look for more information on the top 8 prizes as well as other raffles soon. I have a lot more stuff that will be going on here when the time gets closer or when I receive the stuff in the mail!

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