Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tournament Update #14 - Lars Grant-West

I went to the PTQ that was in East Hartford, CT today and artist Lars Grant-West was their guest and I was able to get some pretty awesome stuff from him. Known for cards like Extraplanar Lens, Glimmervoid and Seachrome Coast, Mr. Grant-West is pretty popular and his art really goes with all the cards he has done. His gift for the event was six signed prints from various art. I picked up three Magic prints - Glimmervoid, Terastodon, and Woodland Cemetery - as well as three non-Magic prints which are all pretty damn awesome. So, without further ado...

There was also some other awesome stuff that I was able to get. Like Nils Hamm and Matt Stewart did, Lars Grant-West was able to sign four playsets of Doomed Traveler. Three of them will go into the top 16 prizes and the other playset will go up for raffle. There is also a playmat that Lars did for the Grand Prix in Providence last year that he donated and signed.

Just a few more things to go! 

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