Friday, July 27, 2012

Tournament Update #11 - Jason Felix

It is honestly hard coming up with things to say at the beginning of each update that I have for you guys and gals. I don't want to be the same in every post, especially since I constantly want to use the word "so" at the beginning of each and every post. I'm glad this one doesn't start out that way.

So today I received ANOTHER piece of donation for this event from the talented Jason Felix, who is really known for the cards All Is Dust, Ob Nixilis, the Fallen and Creeping Tar Pit. But I'm sure that many of you, unless you're a super genius and know every artist of every card, there is a little gem from the Scars of Mirrodin set that has seen play in standard as of late. Ready?

Yes! That's Perilous Myr! It's so cute sitting there with the green steam coming out of the pipes in his back. I really like Jason's use of green in the mat. Really gives it some amazing detail. Thanks again to Jason for helping out! That brings the total amount of playmats to 9. Top 8 still will be getting a playmat each and one will be up for raffle. When it gets closer, I'll have a definite list of what will be available for the top 8 and the raffle. 

There will be more news to come. I'm still waiting to hear from two to three more artists and my corporate donation that was shipped out this week. I promise that it will be pretty awesome for those that do come! Look for it!

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