Monday, June 4, 2012

Tournament Update #3

So the day finally has come when I can confirm some things regarding this amazing tournament.

First up is the date and time. I unfortunately had to change the date of the event to September 15, 2012 since the venue already had my previous day booked. I hope that this is far enough in advance (four months should be plenty of notice!) of a date change but I can promise that it will be awesome. The event registration will start at 10am and run til about 11am. I want to get the tournament started as soon as possible. The quicker we start, the better event we will have.

Second is the location. I have achieved getting a larger place to have this event at and I'm sure you will all be pleased. It will now be held at the Montville VFW in Uncasville, CT. I went to look at it the other day and it was exactly what I wanted. The over 21 crowd will also be happy since they will be having the bar open upstairs for those who do want to get stuff to drink during matches or what not. I'm going Friday to sign the papers but it's all good to go. The nice part? It's free. So added bonus on that part.

Third, price. This was the part that I was more scared to put out there than anything. I have decided that with the amount of amazing prizes that I am getting and the fact that this is all going towards charity that charging $20 for registering wouldn't be an issue.

So in terms of price is payment. Unfortunately again, I don't think I will have a way of taking credit cards or checks (if they bounce, I have no way of fixing that) at the event itself.

So lastly, I wanted to tell you some cool stuff on the event. I will be getting a lot of awesome, original stuff from original artists of the game. I will be name dropping names as soon as I get stuff from people but a lot of these are big names in the game. I think you will all enjoy it. I have a lot of other surprises as well but more on those when it comes to me.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

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